Manage your company account with departments, users, desks and files.


Start web conference with no software installation.


Share your screen, files and web content in perfect synchronization.


Observe your employees status and record meetings, review and improve.

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Features > Prepare
Customize your desk

Create and modify multi meeting rooms with easy-to-remember URL and customize different themes with your company's logo and graphics.

Build you library

Organize company's document and media in advance for a convenient and quick access during the meeting. You can arrange files in shared folders for all users while each user has personal folders.

Keep your organization structure

Organize your company departments and users. Assign users to different departments and to shared library folders.

Features > Meet
Add More People

Invite customer and colleagues to your desk before and during the meeting via email or just tell them your desk URl.

Multi-Party Video Conference

Communicate with participants using our peer-to-peer video chat which delivers high quality audio and video and creates the best face-to-face meeting experience in real-time.

Complete with IM chat

IM Chat enables you to discuss with attendees who don't own a webcam, share a link and even send private one-on-one message without sharing with others.

Features > Collaborate
Share HD content

Share any type of document and media including web content from YouTube, Flickr, Issuu & more in the best quality resolution. Additionally, you can share as many files as needed simultaneously.

Remote desktop sharing

Share your desktop or specific application. As the host you can even request control of a participant's screen for technical support and interactive demonstration.

Impressive & dynamic presentation

Easily arrange your desks tools and content to serve your varying needs during the meeting. Resize, drag, zoom, pan, draw and watch any content in perfect synchronization.

Features > Prepare
Record, review & improve

Save your meetings using high resolution recording of audio and shared content to follow employees performances, and learn how to improve.

Real-time training

Managers and employees can join meetings as invisible audience for live observation and training, and communicate with the host using private massaging.

Live Monitoring

As an administrator you can watch on your dashboard online users, their current ongoing meetings and storage use.